Dogging tips to ensure fun dogging sessions

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Dogging tips to ensure fun dogging sessions

So you are new to the dogging scene and still not quite familiar with it? Want to know all about the do’s and don’ts before finding yourself a kinky dogging buddy? Then please read on.. This is just a little guide as to what you can expect from dogging its quite handy and should tell you everything you need to know, There is more dogging information, rules etc which can be found inside the members area of you can access all dogging information once you have become a full member of our website. Read on and enjoy guys:

1.Dogging is meant to be a fun sexual activity. Do not be rude or pushy. Remember if a dogging spot gets a reputation for being frequented by rude doggers dogging couples will avoid it. The end result will be a dogging venue dying & fun being ruined for a whole dogging community…your popularity amongst other doggers will take a nose dive too!

2.All doggers are not the same! Some dogging couples just like the thrill of being watched shagging in their car. If a dogging couple turns their internal car lights on or winds down the windows the odds are they are inviting you to join in. If you find a car door open and a wet pussy in your face then I’d take that as an invite!!

3.Do your dogging homework first. If you are straight & choose a gay dogging spot it isn’t going to be your cup of tea!!

4. Always practise safe sex – a good dogging session is swinging fun. A dose of clap or worse is not a good dogging experience!!

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